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Aquifers in Nainital losing water rapidly: Nat'1 Health Mission

Nainital: The Nainital unit of the National Health Mission has released a report revealing that the water level in aquifers is very low in the district. In fact, some aquifers in the district have already run out of water. These include aquifers at Dogaon Nainital, Jeolikote old police station, Veer Bhatti, Bhumiyadhar, Kinchi Mandir, and Garampani. Meanwhile, some other aquifers- including Dolmar, Dogaon, Ampavad, Bhumiyadhar, Kainchi Dham, and Shaldi have low levels of water. 
The NHM report says that "over-exploitation of resources and pollution" are the major causes behind this "dire situation" which is impacting both flora and fauna. NK Kandpal, district infectious disease analyst, National Health Mission, said, "Water has run out in many places. If corrective steps are not taken, the situation can turn for the worse. More trees should be planted and pollution should be checked."

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