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Antalya sets the stage for destination weddings

Renowned for its breathtaking beaches, well-preserved architecture, luxury properties and unparalleled hospitality, the seaside town of Antalya rightfully takes its place as a sought-after destination for weddings
Home to several beautiful locations, Turkey affords numerous opportunities not only for travel, but also to host an extraordinary destination wedding. While there are many places to consider, it's the resort city of Antalya that tops the list.
Seated on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey and bordered by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya's scenic landscape and vibrant history serve as a marvellous backdrop and setting for an unforgettable celebration. 
Antalya's Mediterranean climate means that it's opwn to tourists all year round. While spring bestows the region with bright tones, there's something to be said for the autumnal landscape when the temperatures begin to fall and there are fewer tourists around. Furthermore, since the region is home to many luxury hotels and splendid beaches, wedding guests are guaranteed an enjoyable time. And so, for couples seeking to pull out all the stops for their big day, choosing Antalya is a step in the right direction.

If an indulgent wedding celebration is what you desire, then Antalya won't disappoint. The  province of ANtalya stretches across a shoreline of 657 kms with beaches,ports and ancient sites scattered all the way. The resort city features premium properties abutting the Mediterranean coast, with some of them even boasting private beaches-perfect for seaside nuptials. If you have always envisioned a wedding under the open sky on golden sands as sea waves hit the shore, the properties situated along the coast are your best bet. Severa of these places have entertainment centres, fine dining restaurants, wellness and spa services and other luxurious amenities that provide guests with a well-rounded experience.
Additionally, for their pre-and post-wedding events, couples can choose between indoor and outdoor venues to portray different themes-be it a fun Turkish-themed sangeet or a cocktail soiree amidst a royal setting. The packages offered by many luxury hotels are usually inclusive of all services and provide the most opulent amenities, ensuring that you get the most value for your money.
Over the past few years, as more Indians have tied the knot at Antalya, the local hospitality industry is now adept at conceptualising and executing Indian weddings-from decor to rituals and cuisine. More importantly, as compared to many other beachside locationsin Europe and the Middle East, Antalya is more easily accessible, thanks to its international airport.
An important part of a pre-wedding set-up is the photo shoot. And so, if you're getting hitched in Antalya, make the most of the archaeological sites and breathtaking vistas in and around the city, which promise naturally beautiful back-drops for your photos. If one wants to step away from the  hustle and bustle of tourists, they can head to Kemer. Famed for its imposing mountains, pine forests nd shoreside beauty, Kemar embodies romance and makes for a befitting choice. 
Alanya is another easy-to-reach place dotted with historical landmarks that will lend an unparalleled old-world charm to your photographs. A renowned yacht mooring destination, the small town of Kas is also a wonderful option since it is home to ancient ruins, whitewashed houses and buildings covered in colourful bougainvillea. Couples can also consider hosting one of the more intimate ceremonies at these locations that offer luxurious seaside villas for the celebration and historical landmarks for your photos.
Besides photography and wedding rituals, the rivers and waterfalls of Antalya provide avenues for adventure that will draw in your guests with thrilling activities that promise an adrenaline rush. Couples can expand the itinerary to include rafting at koprulu Canyon National Park, Turkey's whitewater rafting centre. Another exciting activity to pursue with family and friends is a scenic cable car ride to Tahtali Dagi, also known as Lycian Olympus, a mountain near Kemer. 
As traditional local, markets render Antalya a worthwhile destination for shopping , guests can also buy souvenirs to mark the memorable sojourn.

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