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Agra Recorded 45.6 Degree Celsius Temprature. It is the second Hottest city in UP

A three-day red alert for a heatwave was issued for Agra by the regional meteorological department after the City of Taj recorded a maximum temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius, five degrees above normal, on Friday.
This was the city's hottest day of the season so far. Apart from the high temperature, hot winds blowing at a speed of 10 km per hour also added to the discomfort  of city residents. On Friday, Agra was only preceded by Prayagraj, which remained the hottest city in the state for the second consecutive day. While the mercury touched the 45.9 degree mark in Prayagraj on Thursday, it rose to 46.8 degrees Celsius, seven degrees above normal, on Friday. As compared to Agra, the other major districts of western UP recorded a relatively lower temperature on Friday. For instance, the maximum temperature was 44.2 degrees Celsius in Aligarh, 42.3 degrees Celsius in Meerut and 41.2 degrees Celsius in Bareilly.
Meanwhile, high- temperature levels have raised concerns among farmers who have sown pulses, vegetables, or fruit crops in Agra. They fear that such high temperature levels would reduce the germination of pulses and also the size of vegetables and fruit crops.
The rise in temperature levels has increased sales of air conditioners and earthen pots. "This year, the mercury touched the 40- degree mark early on, shooting up the sales of air conditions and coolers," said an electronics dealer

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