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A Resume

Resume is a part of getting a new job, so take your time to have the best. Some easy steps to write a resume are :-

1. Find a job for your resume.

This step is important to write a good resume and don't make any mistake.

2. List of Keywords for your resume.

Recruiters and employers search for keywords, so one need to put them if they want to be found.

3. Choose a resume format.

There are three resume formats which make your job search a success.
• Chronological Resume Template
• Functional Resume Template
• Combination Resume Template

4. Your Resume Heading.

There is a right step to write this column easily. One needs to learn to differentiate between the right step and wrong step.

5. Your Resume Job Objective.

You should learn the pros and cons of having a job objective statement to write something good.

6. Your summary of Qualifications.

This is the column which employer search for, so give the best of what you have to offer.

7. Your work experience.

Write your work history on your resume to make the best of it.

8. Your Resume Achievement Statements.

This column tells the employer you are worth hiring or atleast interviewing for the job. Spend time on this part so you use your resume wisely.

9. Listing Education on your resume.

Where to put your Education section, what to list in it and how to deal with many college degrees or no degree at all.

10. Community service and Other Lists on your resume.

You should give a thought where the community service, skills and other things should be placed on your resume. 

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