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2 new suspension bridges to Nepal open for public

Pithoragarh: Two new suspension bridges on the Kali river opened to the public on Thursday in the Pithoragarh district. These bridges- at Alagad and Devsera- were inaugurated by both Indian and Nepalese officers. 
They connect the remote border areas of Nepal and India. Both bridges are 125-meter-long and have a capacity of 36 tonnes. Each of the bridges was built at a cost of about Rs 78 lakh (Rs1.25 crore NPR). 
Sashastra Seema Bal has been deployed on the Indian side of the bridge and Nepalese Armed Forces are guarding the bridge on the other side. With this, Pithoragarh has now eight suspension bridges on the Kali river connecting with Nepal. These eight bridges are Dharchula, Baluakot, Jhulaghat, Sitapul, Jauljibi, Dauda, Alagad, and Devsera. Pithoragarh DM Ashish Kumar Chauhan said, "These new bridges would help people on both sides. In addition to these, a motorable bridge is being constructed by the Government of India at Baluakot. Also, the Nepalese government is constructing two other suspensions."

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