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19 humans kills later, Dudhwa tigress to be tranquilised

Bareilly: UP chief wildlife warden KP Dubey has given his formal nod to trap and tranquilise an elusive tigress that has caused terror among thousands of locals residing near the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and is believed to have killed 19 people till now. The latest victim was a 14-year-old boy found dead on Thursday evening.
The warden's decision comes after a huge uproar in the region following the deaths of 19 people since 2020 in and around the Singahi range. In most case, the forest department had recovered pugmarks of a particular tigress.

'40 camera traps, 4 teams searching for rogue tigress'
Divulging details of the "huge task", field director Sanjay Pathak told , "We've installed 40 camera traps and the tigress will be tranquilised soon. Four teams with a veterinarian each have been deployed across locations from where these incidents have been reported. A Special Tiger Protection Force has been sent to the forest area to ensure that locals stay away for now. The operation will be carried out as per National Tiger Conservation Authority guidelines."
Pathak said that two recent incidents-one in which a temple priest was dragged from the shrine and attacked, and the killing of the teenager- led to the suspicion that a "big cat has surely gone rogue". Officials of WWF-India and Wildlife Trust of India are supporting the forest department in the effort. Senior veterinarians, Dr Daksh Gangwar from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, and Brijendra Yadav from Lucknow Zoo, have been roped in as well.
Worried residents living near Khareta beat of the range are mainly staying indoors after the spate of human kills. An elderly man, who regularly takes the forest route to reach villages in the vicinity, said, "This particular tigress in the past few months. Many of our village brothers and sisters have been killed by this tigress.

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