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10-year-old activist raises issue of trash around Taj mahal

Agra: Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing  the country and especially the conveniences it offers have led to a throw-away culture which requires immediate attention.
Throwing light on this, Licypriya Kangujam-a 10-year-old climate activist-shared shocking pictures of trash around the iconic Taj Mahal on her Twitter handle.
She held a placard that read, "Behind the beauty of Taj Mahal is plastic pollution". Her tweet read, "Thanks humans...Your may say it's very polluted but your one piece of polythene simple plastic water bottle led to this situation".
Talking to, Licypriya, who had addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Conference 2019 in Madrid, said, "It was shocking to see high levels of pollution around the iconic Taj Mahal. I took pictures of the plastic waste lying on the bank of river Yamuna on the backside of the Taj on Monday." She added, "I found plastic waste including food wrappers and bottles inside the fountain and gardens of Taj Mahal."
However, a clarification issued by the Agra Municipal Corporation in reply to Licypriya'a tweet, mentioned, "When Yamuna water recedes, plastic waste gets deposited on the banks. Our team does regular cleaning of this place." Agra municipal commissioner Nikhil T Funde claimed that "regular cleaning work is being done in the area.

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