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'No significant change' in max temp in Northwest, Central India

New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department on Sunday predicted no significant changes in the maximum temperature in most parts of Northwest India for the next few days but assured a hopeful fall in the temperature after two days in Central India.
"No significant change in maximum temperatures very likely over most parts of Northwest India during next 4-5 days. No significant change in maximum temperatures very likely over most parts of Central India during next 2 days and fall by 2-3 degree Celcius thereafter," the IMD tweeted.
"Rise in maximum temperatures by about 2 degrees Celcius very likely over most parts of East India during next 3 days and no significant change thereafter. No significant change in maximum temperatures very likely over rest parts of the country during next 5 days," the tweet read.
Meanwhile, several cities experienced heatwave and severe heatwave conditions during the day as the maximum temperature crossed 45-degrees Celcius.
The heatwave conditions prevailed over some parts of Vidarbha and over isolated pockets of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, West Rajasthan, and UP, however, several parts of Madhya Pradesh and Delhi continued to experience severe heatwaves during the day.
Notably, Delhi's Mungeshpuri recorded its maximum temperature as 47.3 degrees Celcius, whereas Jafarpur, Najafgarh, Ridge, and Pitampura recorded over 45-degrees Celcius.
Apart from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh also noted their maximum temperature at 45-degrees Celcius (in Rohtak), 46.7-degrees Celcius (in Churu), and 45.2-degrees Celcius (at Raipur), respectively.
In Gwalior and Rajgarh of Madhya Pradesh, the heatwaves continue with temperatures of 45.4-degrees Celcius and 45.2-degrees Celcius respectively.

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