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'Covid-19 survivors more vulnerable to cardiac woes'

Dehradun: Kedarnath has seen 52 death in a span of barely 24 days.
Dr BK Shukla, CMO of Rudraprayag, said, "Some people may have been asymptomatic and probably unaware of their Covid infection. Our teams are contacting their families to take a proper note of their medical history." A history of Covid makes people more vulnerable to cardiac issues, experts said.
Ajay Semalty, listed by Stanford University as one of the world's top scientists of pharmacy and pharmacology, told "Gloabal data does indicate a correlation between increased deaths due to cardiac arrests and Covid. In Italy, data suggested a significant positive association between the spread of Covid and the number of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. The risk becomes more at higher altitudes. Further, lack of oxygen, chilly weather, and exertion precipitate it."
He added, "If a person has Covid, his lungs and heart have already been affected by the infection. Thermoregulation increases the heart's job manifold, thus leading to deaths," 
Experts said that the need of the hour was to have metadata to establish the root cause. "In India, we do not have a system of keeping track of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. However, this must be done Metadata (detailed findings of probable reasons of death) helps us conduct an in-depth study, taking into account postmortem findings and medical history," Ajay Semalty said.
Health authorities at Kedarnath, which has seen most deaths compared to the other three Char Dham shrines of Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, have started the exercise of contacting families for more information.
"Our staff is getting a lukewarm response because of reasons ranging from the shock of death to maintaining privacy," said CMO Shukla.
"However, unless metadata is collated, the rise in deaths cannot be properly attributed to a single cause," another doctor said. He added: "We still consider this an alarming situation. The responsible factor is most certainly Covid, we feel."
A worried state government has announced a slew of advisories and steps to curb pilgrim numbers, but to no avail.

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