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Job Hunting Do's and Dont's

• All avenues / methods of job hunting should be used and a job hunting strategy should be applied.

• Advantages should be taken from all Web - based job hunting methods including general job hunting sites, industry - specific job sites, geo - graphic specific job sites, company sites and networking sites.

• Do not rely on any one method of job hunting especially on the internet.

• Do have a professional looking resume and cover letter.

• Key accomplishments and work experience should be focused.

• Portfolio including what an employer needs should be considered.

• Multiple versions of resume should be developed.

• Getting a new job overnight should not be expected because job hunting needs time and patience.

• Have atleast one version of compelling speech for job hunting, job fairs and networking situations.

• Don't quit current job until you have a new job.

• Take advantages of your friends, family and colleagues.

• Don't simply rely on job hunting methods and get discouraged when fired or downsized.

• Prepare and practice for job interviews and conduct research on all companies that interest you.

• Send thank you letters to all people who interview you.

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