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Chikkamagaluru Packages

Chikkamagaluru is one of the beautiful Place to visit in Karnataka in India. There are more than 35,000 people visit to this place every month. If you are planning a weekend trip from Bangalore or Mumbai. This Place could be in your bucket if you have at least 2 days time with you. Are you looking for More detail and Packages ? Call to our Experts from Gautam and Gautam Group or send us an email on to know more about Chikkamagaluru​, Karnataka.

Come and Explore Safe River Rafting & Camping through Professionals. Call Our Customer Care on +91-9600017031 +91-8894915059, +91-7060507245 Landline +91-5832-267070. You can also Fill the Booking Form and we will call you back to you in case if our phone nos. are continuously engaged or not reachable due to network problem. It is recommend by Government and tourism department that any adventure activity should be booked through licensed professionals to avoid accidents.  

Note : You Need at least Two Nights to Cover Chikkamagaluru with Adventure Activities, Best Places to Explore and River Rafting. 

Call Us For booking now on +91- 9600017031, +91- 8894915059 Or +91-5832-267070. In case if Phone no.s are continuously engaged, You are requested to fill contact us form and we will get back to you asap. You may also leave us a message on whats app no.  +91-9600017031  to get the different Packages detail with price. 

Chikkamagaluru Tour Packages

Package G N G RRD 1. Only River Rafting (R.R.) of 1 Km 

Package G N G RRD 2. Only River Rafting (R.R.) of 6.5 Km

Package G N G RRD 3. Only River Rafting (R.R.) of 9.5 Km

Package G N G RRD 4. Camping in Dandeli with bonfire + River Rafting of 1 Km + Boating + Jacuzzi Bath + Nature Walk in Jungle 

Package G N G RRD 5. Resort in Jungle in Dandeli + River Rafting of 6.5 Km + Boating + Jacuzzi Bath + Nature Walk in Jungle + Kayaking

[Contact us to book your tour of Chikkamagaluru​, Karnataka ]

Want to book a tour? Call Us For booking on +91- 8894915059, +91- 9600017031, +91- 8894404523 Or +91- 9736514182, +91-5832-267070. In case if Phone no's are continuously engaged, You are requested to fill contact us form on our website and our executives will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also leave us a message on our+91- 9600017031. WhatsApp Number to receive packages. Once you will say Hi on our WhatsApp no. Our team will send you a small form immediately which need to be filled by you. After filling it up, Please send it back to us on same Whatsapp no. You will receive all the information with packages and pictures on Whatsapp itself. In case if you are facing any problem, Please feel free to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to welcome you and your Group.

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