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Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

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Bungee jumping also spelled "Bungy" jumping, which is the usual spelling in New Zealand and several other countries. Bungee is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissipated.The elastic rope first used in bungee jumping, and still used by many commercial operators, is factory-produced braided shock cord. This special bungee cord consists of many latex strands enclosed in a tough outer cover. The outer cover may be applied when the latex is pre-stressed so that the cord's resistance to an extension is already significant at the cord's natural length. 

Simple Package = Only Bungee Jumping = 3000 Rs Per Person
Golden Package = Bungee Jumping + Breakfast + Coke + 2 Hours Waterfall trek = 
Call For Availability 
Diamond Package = Camping near River + Lunch + Breakfast + Dinner + 2 Hours Trek + Bungee Jumping = Call For Availability





Age Limit : 12 yr to 45 yr | Weight Limit : 40 kgs to 110 kgs

• Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

• Reporting Time is 9 AM and Average time to complete the activity is 3 to 4 hrs depending on availability.

• Charges for Video (DVD) of the Activity, if required will be extra.

• DVD of one activity costs Rs 750/-, two activities Rs 1200/- and all three activities Rs 1500/-

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“Outstanding fun - high degree of safety”
Reviewed 15 March 2017
We did a long weekend trip to Rishikesh for the rafting and camping experience and on a whim decided to check this place out. It's about 10-12 kms from Tapovan in rishikesh, but took us nearly 45 mins due to the winding roads. the place has three different activities - bungee, a flying fox (1 km suspended rope ride from 1 mountain peak to another) and a giant swing (similar to bungee but swinging)

the biggest thing going for the place is the high degree of safety and care taken, the staff is super professional and looks well trained. some of us only tried the flying fox and chickened out of the bungee.. but it gave a brief glimpse of what superman must feel like! while it doesn't come cheap (5k combo pack all rides put together, individual activity in the range of 1800-2500), my guess is these kinda sports don't come cheap in other countries too..

the one big pain point was the place ran out of food by time we were ready to eat.. but they charged us entry fee into the cafeteria anyway! also long waiting periods for bungee as we went on an extended weekend

highly recommended, splly for adventure enthusiasts

Visited March 2017


Reviewed 16 October 2016
On the trip to Mussoorie, we visited Rishikesh. After visiting Lakshman Jhula we had planned to go to 'Jumpin Heights'. Our cab was at Neelkhanth Mahadev Road and to reach the Jumping Heights Site from there it would take 2-3 Hr. We were suggested to hire a vehicle after crossing the lakshman jhula, from there it took just 30-40 min.

We decided to first go for Flying Fox. To reach the starting Point, we had to track for around 10-15 min :( Soon we were ready and the ride started, and we were too excited. It was told that we would be flying at around 160 Km/Hr and I guess we were. After that the speed started decreasing and soon we reached a point where we stopped and then we started going in reverse (up to this point it was really awesome, but more of a fun ride then an adventurous ride). And then we moved to and fro like a pendulum for a while… I personally feel this was a bit boring. After this we came back to the starting point, and ya we had to again track back but this time it took arnd 20 for the same distance….

After that I went for Bungy Jumping, there was que so I had to wait for some time, only Jumpers are allowed in the jumping zone, but they have a live telecast of the jump in their Cafeteria so ur friends/ relatives can watch from there (but I suggest take 1 or 2 persons along with you, and they can sit anywhere beside the road from where they could take the pics of you, I regret I realized it bit late). Soon I was called and they got me ready and then checked everything twice… in few minutes I was standing at the edge and heard a voice 1.. 2… 3... Bungee and I jumped…. I experienced the force of Gravity, Wow….. it was so amazing. Truly said there is a ‘Joy in Thrill’ and I was enjoying it. If you want to do something adventurous, then go for it…. and ya don’t miss to buy ur video.. it was nice

I also wanted to go for giant swing; it was closed that day :(

Visited October 2016


“My first Bungy!!”
Reviewed 12 February 2017
My grandpa lives near to Meerut city and I had been always keen to go to Rishikesh whenever I visit him. Rishikesh is hardly 200 KMs from his place, but for some of the other reason we could never made it. But this time we did it..its a beautiful drive from Meerut city to Rishikesh, since the road is a single lane throughout its advised to leave early morning to avoid traffic. Rishikesh is a beautiful place..Ganga flowing between the hills giving a superb view and chill in the spine..woohhhaaa!! such a refreshing and great place to be at..the most exciting in Rishikesh is Jumpin Heights, which takes you through the experience of Bungy, Fly Fox and Giant Swing..its and amazing thing to do and gives an adrenaline rush..the jump off the base is heart robbing and simply awesome to experience...a must go place if you have dare to do some x-treme sports and have fun...Place is well managed and can be visited with family as a picnic spot too..they charge Rs. 100 as an entry fee which I felt is unnecessary for those who gonna do the jumps..also the charges for video shooting is enormously high...I will suggest people to carry their own cameras to shoot the jump. Bungee can be personally shooted from the observation point or alternatively you can go down to the base where bungy jumper lands and can get a good base to record the jump by standing below the base...well thats from my side to update about the place and possibly the manner you can save on some money by doing personal shoot of the jump, instead of buying it from them.

Visited February 2017


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