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5 Positive effects of advertising

People mostly focus on the negative when the effects of advertising are discussed, but it also has its positive side. In fact, some of the society's important messages have come through advertising. They can also spark the economy by fostering competition and innovation.

These are often considered the positives of advertisements which market a social concept of importance to the general public. Many give messages about health, safety, and national security.

Some traditional advertisements that market a product or service can offer social benefits. Advertisements coming from a western world where free speech is embraced can encourage the idea that free speech is important. The freedom of choice and advertising-supported entertainment which often promotes social change.

Advertising has a number of positive effects on economies leading companies to compete and provide new products. It encourages more consumers to buy because it fulfills their needs. Advertising also creates more jobs because more people are needed to manufacture, supply, ship and test those products and services.

Advertising encourages consumers to choose the products best for them. It also encourages candidates to compare and contrast and choose the one with whom they most agree.   

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